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Universal Robots : UR5 & UR10


Universal Robots : Technical specifications


Universal Robots : Characteristics :
The six-jointed industrial robots is small, light and user-friendly and offers invaluable benefits in terms of financial, human and technical resources:

Simple operation : The robot can be customised and adjusted to match the special requirements of any production facility. Thanks to its user-friendly software and intuitive graphical user interface, the robot is simple to program and quickly integrated into the production process, usually in a matter of a few hours.

Easy to program : No IT specialists are required to program the robot, as users are guided intuitively, and programming can be accomplished by technical staff. Reprogramming is fast and uncomplicated. The electrical interface is compatible with most industrial sensors and PLCs.

Collaboration Mode – safe cooperation between man and machine :
The robot from Universal Robots can operate without fence or special protection in accordance with current regulations. The Collaboration Mode serves the safety of staff working in the vicinity of the robot. As soon as an employee comes into contact with the robot arm and a force of at least 150 newtons is exerted, the robot arm will automatically stop working. Humans and robots can thus work together safely without any problems in very close spaces. This makes the robot ideal for use in production facilities with limited space. The Centre for Materials Testing at the Danish Technological Institute confirmed in its inspection report that the operational characteristics of the robot means that it meets the requirements of a collaborative production facility.

Flexible deployment at various points in the production process : The industrial robot does not require a fixed location for operation. Its low weight means that it can be easily moved within production.

Low entry threshold and fast ROI : The robot arm was developed specifically with the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises in mind - enterprises that depend on flexible automation and demand a fast return on investment. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular achieve fast access to industrial automation thanks to our robot’s low initial cost. It operates cost-efficiently and pays off within an operating period of only six to eight months.

High energy efficiency : The robot requires very little power owing to its compact size. This means that it is significantly more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than larger, heavier industrial robots, resulting in a large potential for savings and also opening up the possibility of battery-powered operation and therefore greater mobility.

Low noise level : The robot operates virtually silently and therefore emits no annoying kind of noise whatsoever. This results in a pleasant working environment for staff in its immediate proximity.

Modular design : The design of the robot minimises the risk of production downtime. In the event of any malfunction or defect, the robot is quickly and easily fixed thanks to its modular construction.





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