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TOHNICHI supply variety of torque tool product; Tohnichi torque wrench, Tohnichi power torque tool, Tohnichi manual torque wrench and Tohnichi torque measuring tool.Tohnichi(Japan) have many catagories of products; Tohnichi Power torque tools, Tonichi torque driver, Torque wrench, Tester/Checker, Tohnichi torque meter, Force measurement Instrument, Optional equipments and Tohnichi accessories.Tohnichi major products comply with ISO 6789 CAL procedures. トルク機器のトップメーカー東日製作所は創業60周年を迎えました



Tohnichi Power Torque driver

Tohnichi_power torque_AUR series_High speed and high torque_AUR SeriesTohnichi_power torque_HAT series_Light weight battery operated torque driver_HAT SeriesTohnichi_power torque_U_UR series_For tightening screws (M2-M6) such as plastic and tapping screws.

Tohnichi Air Torque Wrench

Tohnichi_power torque_A series_Provisional tightening by air motor and final tightening by hand.Tohnichi_power torque_AP series_Pneumatic heavy duty nutrunners for large bolt application. WWW.TJSOLUTION.COMTohnichi_power torque_AC series_After provisional tightening by an air motor at high speed, final torque set is performed manually.Tohnichi_power torque_AS series_Pneumatic angle wrenches, high speed fully automatic.Tohnichi_power torque_DAP series_Applicable for tightening large size bolts. Fully Automatic with torque control.


Tohnichi Torque Driver

Tohnichi_Torque Driver_RTD seriesTohnichi_LTD SeriesTohnichi_Torque Driver_AMRD series_For tightening fine screws (M1-M2).


Tohnichi Standard Torque wrench

Tohnichi_Torque_Wrench_QL_QLE series_Standard torque wrench.Tohnichi_Torque_Wrench_QL_MH series_Knurled metal handle version of QL.Tohnichi_Torque_Wrench_PQL series_Combination of preset and adjustable type wrench. | www.tjsolution.com|Tohnichi_Torque_Wrench_CL_CLE series_Interchangeable head type for multi-purpose use.Tohnichi_Torque_Wrench_QSP series_Torque wrench for single purpose bolt tightening. | www.tjsolution.com|Tohnichi_Torque_Wrench_CSP series_Interchangeable head and preset type torque wrench.Tohnichi_Torque_Wrench_SP series_Open End Spanner Type Single Function Torque Wrench.Tohnichi_Torque_Wrench_RSP series_Ring Head Type Single Function Torque Wrench.

Tohnichi "Poka-Yoke" Torque wrench

Tohnichi_Pokayoke_Torque_Wrench_QLLS_CLLS_PQLLS_PCLLS series_Missed tightening can be eliminated with limit switch.Tohnichi_Pokayoke_Torque_Wrench_QSPLS_CSPLS_QRSPLS_SPLS_RSPLS_SPLS-N series_Missed tightening can be eliminated with limit switch.Tohnichi_Pokayoke_Torque_Wrench_FM96MC series_Wireless wrench system alerts operator to missed tightening.Tohnichi_Pokayoke_Torque_Wrench_MPQL_MQL series_Missed tightening can be visually confirmed.Tohnichi_Pokayoke_Torque_Wrench_CMQSP series_Visually identify missed tightening for hexagon socket cap screws.Missed tightening prevention

Tohnichi Angle Torque wrench

Tohnichi_Torque Angle Wrench_CTA2 series_Digital torque and angle wrench.  Tohnichi_Torque Angle Wrench_WQL series_Snug torque and angle can simply be set with the scale.


Tohnichi catalogue Tohnichi catalogue ( 3 MB.)

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