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Solarton Orbit® Confocal

Solartron Orbit® Confocal ith the compact size of a Solartron gauging probe and the flexibility of Solartron Metrology's Orbit® 3 Digital Measurement System. For applications where a contact gauging sensor is unsuitable, this is a cost efficient non-contact measurement solution that includes an adjustable light source, standoff distances and a small spot size.

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- Solartron Orbit® Confocal

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  Confocal Head Type
Measurement Performance C8H/8/1 C8H/24/5
Calibrated Range mm 1 5
Standoff (to start of measuring range) mm 8 24
Linearity (full range) (1) ±%FSO 0.5 0.2
µm 5 10
Linearity (Limited range) (2) ±%FSO 0.25 0.1
µm 2.5 5
Resolution µm 1 1
Repeatability (1) µm 2 2
Spot Diameter µm 30 30
Operating Angle ±° 5 3
Temperature Coefficient µm/°C 2 2
Operating Temperature °C 20 ±5
Storage Temperature °C 10 to 50
Operating Humidity Do not use controller in wet conditions
Shock and Vibration Do not expose controller to shock and vibration
Electrical Interface  
Power requirements 24V DC from power pack provided
Signal Interfaces Orbit® 3
Reading Rate R/s 4000
Bandwidth (Precision Mode) Hz 10
Bandwidth (Normal Mode) Hz 50
Light Output Level 8 settings to accommodate different levels of reflective surfaces (set from touch screen or Orbit®)
Exposure Settings 5 ms to 100 ms to accommodate different levels of reflective surfaces (set from touch screen or Orbit®)
Averaging 1 to 64 set higher to improve signal to noise ratio
Zero or Absolute Displayed Readings only (set from touch screen)
Menu Touch Screen for setting up
Indications Displayed Measurement and Signal Strength