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RIKEN OPTECH - Safety Light curtain sensor for Press machine, Area safety sensor for Press Machine, Safety of Stamping machine.The Safety and Automation Systems of RIKEN OPTECH is involved in developing and marketing equipment for use in stamping operations, such as safety equipment for preventing accidents, malfunction detectors and load monitor for maintaining quality control. -www.tjsolution.com

RIKEN Optech - Safety Device product lineup

1. Riken Optech - SE2 Safety Light curtain sensor (Reflection Type)

RIKEN OPTECH_SE2_SEII -www.tjsolution.com

Feature of SEII

1. Reflection type, light can be adjusted easily.
2. Special filter protects device from dirt and fog.
3. Tolerant of ambient light.
4. Built-in self-check circuit automatically checks the electronic circuit to monitor the safety of operation.
5. It is designed to be vibration resistant so as to mitigate the influence from the action of the press machine.

All Riken Optech SE2 model : SEII-24 (H.200 mm.), SEII-32 (H.280 mm.), SEII-40 (H.360 mm.), SEII-48 (H.480 mm.)


2. Riken Optech - RPH4 Safety Light curtain sensor (Direct Protection Type)

RIKEN OPTECH_RPH4_Safety Light curtain

Spec. of Press machine that can apply this model(RPH4) to use

Type of the machine a press machine ---> having an emergency stop and nor-repeat mechanism.
Emergency stop time ---> 300ms or less
Safety distance ---> (Response Time + emergency stop time of the press machine) x 1.6 or more
Pressure Capacity ---> (50,000kN or less)
Scope of the die size ---> within the width of the bolster

Feature of RPH4

1. It will turn off the output through the action of a self-diagnosis function. Fail-safe design is thoroughly pursued.
2. When an abnormal incident occurs, the press machine will be stopped instantly! We have created a system that provides a high level of safety.
3. The goal of creating a safety system supported by technology has been realized.
4. This safety equipment is the result of using the highest level of safety design expertise and FMEA analysis.
5. The system complies with global standards for safety sensors.
6. The Type 4 Sensor conforms to the IEC Standards and EN Standards.
7. Various safety functions are built in to the sensor.
8. The introduction of an LED bar supports ease of use. -www.tjsolution.com
9. The compact size is perfect for installation in dangerous areas.
10. The detection width and the sensor length are identical thus keeping the space required to the minimum.

All Riken Optech RPH4 model : (RPH425-n ; n=13~120 <no.of beam>), (RPH414-n ; n=21~125<no.of beam>)


3. Riken Optech - RBS(PSDI) Presence Sensing Device Initiaion System. Photo-electric safety device with activation function will improve production efficiency and reduce production fatigue.

RIKEN OPTECH_RBS(PSDI)-www.tjsolution.com

Riken Optech - RBS(PSDI) Function

- Optional functions for RBS type devices designed to elevate labor efficiency and safety also have acquired the official approval of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.
1. Movable Guards
The movable guard not only will reduce the time required to exchange dies, confirm the safety, and resume formal work but also will improve the overall safety of the press machine.
2. Three-Optical-Axes Floating Blanking Function is available.
This is an optional item for enhancing the function of the light curtain used for processing long strip work-pieces with pass the sensing field of the light curtain. Press machines will not be stopped even when up to three optical axes are interrupted. When four optical axes are interrupted, the press machine will be forcibly stopped.


Spec. of Press machine that can apply this model(RBS) to use -www.tjsolution.com

- Press machines with an emergency stop mechanism and an anti-reactivation mechanism that can accept a safety light curtain.
- Height of the bolster is 75mm or more.
- Depth of the bolster is 1,000mm or less.
- Length of the stroke is 600mm or less.
- Set angle of overrun is within 15 degrees. (excluding hydraulic press machines)
- Emergency stopping time is 300ms or less.
- Pressure capacity is 5,000t or less.


4. Riken Optech - Safety Laser Scanner sensor for safety area (RS-4)

RIKEN OPTECH_Laser Scanner(RS4)-www.tjsolution.com

Riken Optech model RS-4 Laser scanner safety sensor, it performs continuous scanning over the wide range of 190 degrees covering the entire operating range and if an object or person happens to enter the protective area, it outputs a stop signal. The specifications of this equipment conform to the Type 3, IEC61496-3 Standards. Therefore, it is best suited for safety-related uses. The area sensor with high sensitivity and high resolution has wide-ranging applications. RS-4 is best suited for the protection of humans from mobile systems and static systems requiring safety measures up to the extent of the EN954-1 Type 3 Standards.

- Four Protection Areas are Programmable
Areas can randomly be set with the radius of 4 meters for the protection of humans or for an area with the radius of 15 meters for the detection of objects.

RIKEN OPTECH_Laser Scanner(RS4)_Scan area


- Setting up the Protective Area. There are two ways to set the protective area.

1. Directly inputting the data from a PC
As a rectangular area by using numerical data.
2. Learning functions
Make an outline of a protective area out of cardboard and place it before this equipment. The read-in process starts when the learning function command is executed. The device will scan the outline of the cardboard. A new protective area will be decided based on the data acquired. It also has a function to store the parameters into the database.

RIKEN OPTECH_Laser Scanner(RS4)_Programmable -www.tjsolution.com

- Protection by Password
Input process can be restricted to specific passwords so that it runs only when the specified passwords are inputted. Passwords corresponding to the levels of importance and safety can be set to the equipment. -www.tjsolution.com

RIKEN OPTECH_Laser Scanner(RS4)_Protection


1. Small Body
Dimensions 140 x 155 x 135 (W x H x D) in mm

4. Number of detection zones: 4 (changeover via switch inputs)

2. High Speed Scanning / High resolution
- Scanning rate: 25 scans/s or 40 ms/scan
- Angle range: 190 degrees(Max.)
- Angle resolution: 0.36 degrees
5. The protection area is set by a personal computer.

3. With 2 different protection areas are programmable at the same time.
- Caution Area: 4m
- Warning Area: 15m

6. EN regulation
- IEC 61496-1 type 3
- IEC 61496-3 type 3

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