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Leader in technology and solutions

RGK are happy to face the challenges! When we encounter with difficulties, it’s the time to present our ability in solving problems in no time. Our KNOW-HOW FACTORY will provide you the most cost effective and tailored solution. By understanding the need of various customers, with the most abundant and professional practical experience, we’re able to create the most efficient engineering countermeasures.


Design & Solutions

Our design team members are all experts from the field of professional compressed air, they’re specializing in clamping technology and automation systems. By long-termed implementation and experience accumulation, we see every problem in a very different way. Furthermore, we introduce Germany-the top industrial nation’s high quality and efficiency professional techniques, so the customers can see us as a premium partner who is always trying to move forward and put all efforts in creating novel technologies, who is stepping forward to reach the goal of “Customers foremost, quality first”.




For information about 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers, 2-Jaw Angular Gripper, 3-Jaw Concentric Grippers, Swivel Units, Linear Motion Guide, Ceramic Vacuum Suction Module, Gripper Accessories. Please contact our RGK engineer or visit RGK.





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