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We are Authorized Thailand Distributor for Takikawa Engineering from Japan.

TAKIKAWA Laser Diameter-LDM Series from Takikawa Engineering(Japan) accurately measures inside/ outside diameters, gap and pitch, width and edge, thickness, position and movement. Available in fixed and separate head designs, single and dual axis configurations. Defect characterization, measurement,and SPC analysis can be accomplished with the Software for laser micrometer (LDM-PC EX)

TAKIKAWA Surface Variation Defector & Lump detector - TM Series Surface Variation Detectors from Takikawa Engineering(Japan) were designed to provide users with the reliable continuous high speed method to detect flaws in optical fibers, enamel, electric and vinyl wires, communication and power cables, metal & glass rods, pipes and hoses.

TAKIKAWA Defect Marking System- The EMAC Series from Takikawa Engineering(Japan) is a non-destructive in-process Elastic Marking Device that conveniently snaps an elastic string onto wire, cable, hose etc. to mark specific points of concern. Works with Defect Detectors, laser Micrometers, Capacitance Gauges, Spark Testers and any other device that provide a contact closure.



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