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LAP LASER develops, produces and distributes Laser displacement sensor (ATLAS, POLARIS, ANTRARIS) , Laser projectors, Laser guidelights, Servolaser, CALIX Thickness gauge laser, CAD PRO 2D-3D and Laser CT Room for patient in medical field.

Since LAP LASER as a distributor in 1984, we recognized the need of industry and medical customers for innovation, highest quality and reliability. Due to persistent orientation on customers needs, permanent innovation and synergy from the different fields of engagement, LAP LASER expanded constantly ever since.

Besides selling own products, LAP LASER trades complementing components that have proven success in their applications.

LAP LASER measurement systems can be found worldwide in many different industries.

In steel industry LAP LASER is a world leading supplier for non-contact measurement solutions. Products and services formerly sold under the brand name "GMG - Global Measurement Group" are today handled by LAP LASER alone.

In Europe, LAP LASER is a leading supplier of laser guidelights, laser projectors, laser marking position used by industry and crafts.

Worldwide, LAP LASER is the leading manufacturer of laser systems for patient alignment in radiation oncology, nuclear medicin and diagnostic radiology.


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