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Ono Sokki - Displacement sensor

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Ono Sokki

Ono Sokki offer various kind of Ono Sokki sensor and mesurment such as Ono sokki linear gauge, Ono sokki displacement sensor, Ono sokki RPM and speed,Ono sokki Sound and vibration meter,Ono sokki torque meter. We sell Ono Sokki in Thailand and original products from ONO SOKKI (JAPAN)

ONO SOKKI - Displacement sensor

Ono Sokki

Ono sokki model: BS-102/112,CL-5600,DA-4130,DG-2310,DG-4120/4240/4280,DG-4140,GS-1000, GS-1513A/1613A/1630A,GS-4500/4600/6500/6600,HG-4370,HS-3412/3425,RP-110,RP-8524L,RV-3150,SP-405Z,VE series, VT-5210, VT-5710, VT-5720.Ono Sokki are the best for measuring.

ONO SOKKI - RPM and Speed meter

Ono Sokki_RPM meterOno Sokki

Ono Sokki model: FT-2500, FT-7100(Tachometer), FV-1400, HR-6800, HT-3200, HT-4200, HT-5500, HT-6100, LG-916/930, MP-981, OM-721, TM-3100.Ono Sokki are the best for meter.

ONO SOKKI - FFT Analyzer and Data processing & software

Ono Sokki_data logger

Ono Sokki model: CF-3600A, CF-3800A, CF-4210Z, CF-7200, DS-2000, DS-0221, DG-0222, DG-0223, DG-0224, DG-0225, OC-1000, OS-1000, XN-8000.Ono Sokki is the best data logger.

ONO SOKKI - Sound and Vibration meter

Ono SokkiOno Sokki

Ono Sokki model: CH-6130/6140, GK-2110, GK-4110G10, LA-1200, LA-1410, LA-4440, LA-5570, LV-1710, MI-1531, MI-3111, MI-6420, NP-Series, NP-2106, NP-2506, PS-1300, SC-3100A/2120A, SC-3120, SR-2200, VC-2100/3100, VR-6100, VX-1100. Others model of Ono Sokki please contact our sale division or visit "ONO SOKKI (JAPAN)"