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Nitto Kogyo provides products range from Nitto kogyo -electric control, Enclosure, Plastic enclosure, Rack, Underground cable, Breaker, Switch, Terminal block, Panel parts, EMC relate equipment,cubicles, panel boards, and control panels to information/communication related products, from parts to finished products.- Nitto Kogyo Corporation(Japan) !! -www.tjsolution.com


Nitto Kogyo - Panel board and control panel -www.tjsolution.com

Nitto Kogyo provides comprehensive electric systems for a wide range of users from large factories to private homes. With high technology and information playing greater roles, system applications, energy saving, and enhanced safety are increasingly required for electric facilities. Nitto Kogyo provides economic and high-quality products based on its standard items.

Control Panel Nitto Kogyo_Control panel nitto kogyo, nitto kogyo Panel Board Nitto Kogyo_Panel board

Home Panel board Nitto Kogyo_Home panel board-www.tjsolution.com nitto kogyo, nitto kogyoHigh-voltageNitto Kogyo_High-voltage power receiving equipment -www.tjsolution.com



Nitto Kogyo - Breaker, Switch and others

Safe and stable environments and heat-measures are extremely important at offices and factories packed with all kinds of electronic devices. Nitto Kogyo's rich lineup of standard products provides high-performance equipment that is easy to install, enhancing the reliability and operating life of the facilities. Nitto Kogyo continues to upgrade its systems.

Breaker and Switch Nitto Kogyo_Breaker -www.tjsolution.com ..Enclosure temp. controlNitto Kogyo_Enclosure temperature control



Nitto Kogyo - Enclosure, Rack and others

Nitto Kogyo's high-quality enclosures house and protect information equipment and electric devices (multimedia, OA, FA, CATV, etc.) from harsh operating conditions. Their refined designs contribute to efficient and pleasing work environments in offices and plants. -www.tjsolution.com

Encloser Nitto Kogyo_Encloser Nitto kogyo Plastic Encloser Nitto Kogyo_Plastic Encloser-www.tjsolution.com


Nitto Kogyo_Rack Nitto Kogyo Rack system





- Breaker, Switch and others

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