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NACHI Bearing.
NACHI Bearing and Nachi Solenoide Valve (Hydraulic equipment) are essential components in automobiles, railroads, construction machinery, machine tools, electric equipment, and other devices.These Nachi solenoid valve and bearing components maintain safety, reliance, and cimfort, and have characteristics of being high performance, lighter, compact, and durable. -www.tjsolution.com


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1. NACHI Bearing Excel series ; Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Single-row Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Combination Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Double-row Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Self-aligning Ball Bearings.

NACHI_Deep groove bearing NACHI_Single row angular bearing-www.tjsolution.com NACHI_Combination angular bearing NACHI_Self Alignment bearingNACHI_Double row angular bearing


2. NACHI Radial Roller Bearing ; Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Double - row Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings, Double-row Tapered Roller Bearings, Excel-series Spherical Roller Bearings.

NACHI_Cylindrical roller bearing-www.tjsolution.com NACHI_double row_Cylindrical roller bearing NACHI_Tapered roller bearing NACHI_Double row_Tapered roller bearing-www.tjsolution.com NACHI_Excel Spherical roller bea-www.tjsolution.com


3. NACHI Thrust Ball Bearing ; Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings (Thrust ball bearings are designed to handle axial loads only), Double-direction Thrust Ball Bearings, Double-direction Thrust Angular Contact Ball Bearings TAD series (Double-direction Thrust Bearing used in machine tool spindle. High contact angles carry high axial loads).-www.tjsolution.com

NACHI_Thrust ball bearing(single) NACHI_Thrust ball bearing(double) NACHI_Thrust ball bearing(TAD series)


4. NACHI Thrust Roller Bearing ; Excel series-Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings. The raceway of housing washer of this bearing type is spherical with the center of the radius located on the bearing axis. The design provides self-alignment capability to the bearing. The contact angle () is approximately 45° enabling the bearing to support axial load and a small to moderate amount of radial load.

NACHI_Roller Thrust bearing-www.tjsolution.com


5. NACHI Specific Bearing

- Self-aligning Clutch-release Bearings ; Design for high temperature, and high rotating speed. Design for exclusive use in manual transmission clutch. Designed with aligning function and positioning features. Low-friction factor resin reduces rotation abrasion of the axle.

NACHI_Specific bearing (self alignment)


- Wheel Assembly Bearings; To obtain predetermined preload clearance after attachment, initial internal clearance has setup. Preload adjustment during an assembly process is unnecessary. The type with a built-in seal has unnecessary seal fixation during an assembly process. Lightweight, compact and handling is easy.

NACHI_Specific bearing (Wheel Assembly) -www.tjsolution.com NACHI_Specific bearing (Wheel Assembly_2)


- Double-row Angular contact Ball Bearings for CarAir Conditioning Magnetic Clutch ; This bearing has longer operating life under engine vibration conditions because of excellent grease for high temperature, high rotating speed and vibration.

NACHI_Specific bearing (Car air conditioning)


-Bearings for Printing Machines; High precision bearings designed only for printing machines to achieve high printing quality

NACHI_Specific bearing (Printing Machine)


-Sheave Bearings; Full compliment double-row cylindrical roller bearings with ribs on inner and outer rings. High dynamic and static radial load capacity. Fairly large moment load and some axial load can also be supported.

NACHI_Specific bearing (Sheave bearing) -www.tjsolution.com


-Bearings for railroad vehicles; Exclusive design for each application. Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used for axles with heavy radial load (Double-row tapered roller bearings have also used recently). Tapered roller bearings are used for gear boxes where large thrust loads are expected. Deep-groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are used for traction motors.

NACHI_Specific bearing (Railroad Vehicles)


-Excel series Sealed Ball Screw Support Bearings TAB**LR; Ball screw support bearing with large axial rigidity and seals.Maintenance-free with high performance lubrication grease. (The foreign substance invasion from the outside is prevented)

NACHI_Specific bearing (TAB_LR) -www.tjsolution.com

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