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MTL - Rotary Encoder

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MTL rotary encoders are all based on space-saving design and available in many types from ultra-small types to high-resolution micro encoder products. MTL (Microtech Laboratory) have wide range of micro encoder from smallest size diameter only 7.5 mm. for limit space in your machine. マイクロテック・ラボラトリー株式会社

MTL Rotary Encoder product line up:

- MTL : SE series adopted as a multi-functional sensor for detecting angle and movement of small-unit-type systems such as OA equipment, automatic vending machine, and card reader.-www.tjsolution.com

- MTL : ME series are compactness, light weight and A, B, and Z phase output.Also availability of hollow-shaft type convenient for small motors.

- MTL : MGH series are Light weight, compactness.Modular type best suited for small motors with CS signal.

- MTL : MA series also have ultra compact 8-bit absolute type, gray code output without reading error and pure binary code, BCD code.Availability of single-shaft (4 in diameter) and hollow shaft (2 in inside diameter).

- MTL : MXS series (Multiple-rotation absolute encoder) -www.tjsolution.com

- MTL : MLS series (WIre type encoder) ; wire-typed linear scale, absolute output.Main Applications: Robot Machine, small actuator, manipulator and etc.Also available is a set type with indicator.

- MTL : MLA series(WIre type encoder); wire-typed linear scale, absolute output.Wire pulling linear absolute encoder Detection of absolute position does not need backup. Smallest in the series: Outside dimensions 23 x 24 x 27.4 (H). Main Applications: Robot Machine, small actuator, manipulator and etc.

- MTL : REH series (Roller type encoder) it's easy measuring and minimum reading 0.1 to 1mm.

- MTL : DC series ; Small and robust counter.Decimal point moving, dividing/multiplying possible.

- MTL : MT series ; In combination with ME-12PS, ME-20PS or ME-30PS, division is made into 8 multiple and 16 multiple. -www.tjsolution.com

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MTL setting option / coupling

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