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KHK Gear

KHK Gear; A large selection of KHK stock gears, Spur Gear, Helical Gear, Rack and Pinion, Bevel Gear, Miter Gear, Worm Gear, Internal Gear and Screw Gear. 140 styles made up of 7,000 configurations KHK gear. - Kohara Gear Industry ( ようこそKHK )

KHK Gear, KHK stock gear, Spur Gear, Helical Gear, Rack and Pinion, Bevel Gear, Miter Gear, Worm Gear, Internal Gear and Screw Gear, www.tjsolution.com

KHK stock gear offer the largest selection of standardized metric gear.KHK gear are produced to the ISO / JIS gear standard. We can also manufacture Custom KHK Gear follow your specifications.-www.tjsolution.com
KHK gear.

KHK Gear have large selections are available whether choosing by the type, precision grade, material, style or the ease of use. -www.tjsolution.com

KHK_Miter Gear-www.tjsolution.com
Miter Gear

KHK_Bevel Gear
Bevel Gear

KHK_Screw Gear-www.tjsolution.com
Screw Gear

Worm Gear




KHK Gear meet the high-speed component requirements.
Choose from a large selection of ground gears for high-speed, high-torque and quiet transmission applications.

KHK_Ground spur gear

Spur Gear

KHK_Ground helical gear

Helical Gear

KHK Ground racks

Ground Racks

KHK Ground spiral beval gear

Ground Spiral Bevel Gear

KHK Worm shaft

Ground Worm Shafts, Worm Wheels

KHK_duplex worm gear-www.tjsolution.com

Worm Gear


KHK Gear meet the needs for small and lightweight components.
Economical sintered gears and injection-molded gears are offered in fine pitch products.

KHK Sintered metal_spur gear

Sintered Metal Spur Gear

KHK Acetal Fairloc Hub Spur Gear (DSL)-www.tjsolution.com

Acetal Fairloc Hub Spur Gear (DSL)

KHK_Small-module Spur Gear

Small-module Spur Gear (0.5-0.8)

KHK_DS Injection Molded Spur Gear

DS Injection Molded Spur Gear

KHK_SSS Spur Gear

SSS Spur Gear

KHK_DG & SUW Worm Wheels

DG & SUW Worm Wheels


KHK Gear meet the anti-rust and oil-free requirements.
We have many stainless steel and plastic products for these applications.

KHK Anti-rust_spure gear

Spur Gear

KHK Anti-rust_Rack gear-www.tjsolution.com


KHK Anti-rust_Miter gear

Miter Gear

KHK Anti-rust_bevel gear

Bevel Gear

KHK Anti-rust_Screw gear

Screw Gear

KHK Anti-rust_Worm gear

Worm Gear

Kohara Gear Industry Co., Ltd.(KHK Gear) is a leading manufacturer of gear in Japan. For more than 70 years, Kohara Gear (KHK GEAR) has been a company solely devoted to the manufacture of gears standardized metric gears (Stock Gears). We are also trying to produce a stable supply of stock gear. KHK also create sale partnership with "NISSEI Coporation" to expand gear market. So Nessei gear, we could supply spare parts. 「KHK」を「標準歯車」 -www.tjsolution.com

KHK Gear_J series KHK J series - Standardized sizes of holes, keyways and taps.- KHK GEAR

KHK Gear_HAGURUMA KOBO-www.tjsolution.com Quick Modification of KHK Stock Gear

KHK CUSTOM GEAR KHK Custom Gear are available


For more information about KHK Gear, please contact our Gear Expert or visit KHK Gear (Japan).



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