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ITOH DENKI - Power Moller

"ITOH DENKI" is the world leader of Motor roller, Power Moller, Motorised conveyor roller and transfer drums. Its know on "Motor Roller", "Drum with AC Power Moller" and Drum with DC Power Moller" that suite for conveyor roller & transfer roller in process.

> ITOH DENKI PowerMoller structurePower Moller structure


ITOH DENKI - AC Power Moller ( AC Roller)

ITOH DENKI-AC PowerMoller-PM380AS-www.tjsolution.com


• Designed for slim and compact lines.
• Easy installation into existing conveyors.
• Simplifies new conveyor design.
• Easy control of forward, reverse and stop.
• Includes Terminal Block. -www.tjsolution.com

Option : Rubber laggingITOH DENKI_BreakITOH DENKI_Clutch roller-www.tjsolution.com Water proofITOH DENKI_Drip proofITOH DENKI_Dust proofBelt and Pulley

ITOH DENKI offers various of options that make more powerfull to your Power Moller®. Such as Rubber Lagging prevent light loads from slipping, Built-in-Break eliminate load inertia and enable precise stopping, Clutching when power is "on" Power Moller® functions normally if it "off" Power Moller® functions as an idler roller, Water Proof designed for outdoor lines or lines subject to water spray (washdown), Drip Proof used on conveyor lines that are located in areas with high moisture levels, Dust Proof used in dusty or powdery environments. Rubber seals protect the POWER MOLLER® bearings from contamination, Belt Pulley and Groove are available with a special end cap or grooves to accommodate small V-belts or round belts. Please ask our Power Moller's expert before you purchase.

How to select Power moller model.

Model selection -www.tjsolution.com

Model Type

Power Moller

Diameter roller

38, 42.7, 48.6, 50, 57, 60.5, 63.5 and 76.3 mm.

Type of motor

AC Standard motor or accumulate type, DC Standard type : Brush type , Brushless type


4 - 60 m/min. (depend on model)

Tube lenght

Variuos lenght of powermoller -www.tjsolution.com

Voltage Type

1 Phase, 3 Phase

Apply voltage

AC : 100, 110, 115, 200, 220, 240 V. / DC : 24 V.


Rubber lagging, break, clutch, water proof, dip proof, dust proof, belt&groove

AC Power Moller®

PM380AS, PM427AS, PM486BS, PM570AS, PM570BP, PM570AU, PM605AS, PM605BP, PM605AU, PMT50AS, PM763BS, IP-G

DC Power Moller®

PM486FS, PM486FE, PM486FP, PM486FH, PM486FX, PM486XE/XP, PM570FE, PM605FE, PM635FS -www.tjsolution.com

Terminal block

A-200, A-270/80-GS, A-800, E-920, A-B70/80-G -www.tjsolution.com

Driver and Hybrid card

CB-002, CB-005, CB-016S2, CB-016S4, CB-030 -www.tjsolution.com


Applications Overview:


The Itoh Denki Power Moller® saves space and decreases the weight of the conveyor frames. These points are always examined when motorizing transfers such as lift tables or t-junctions.

The motorization of the gate in order to allow the operators to cross a conveyor line will be easy to manufacture thanks to the Power Moller®.


For more information about ITOH DENKI, power moller please contact our roller transfer engineer.



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