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IDEC provides Push button switch, IDEC Switch, IDEC Sensor, Pilot light, Display light, Relay & Socket, Tower light, LED machine lighting, Timer, Terminal Block, Circuit Protector and Contactor. IDEC designs and manufactures control automation products that are sold to original equipment manufacturers. IDEC's parent company "IDEC IZUMI" is known worldwide for its quality and reliability in the pushbutton industry. IDEC Izumi has been in business for over half a century. IDEC products can be found all over the world. -www.tjsolution.com

IDEC Switch and Pilot devices

IDEC have miniature pilot lights and switches that mount into 8mm panel cut outs through full size industrial switches that mount into 30mm cutouts, we have a switch or indicator for almost any application. Terminations include solder / quick connect terminals, screw terminals, or PC board pins for direct board mounting. Miniature models use snap action gold plated contacts for superior low level switching, whereas larger models use slow-make, double break contacts for switching heavier loads, up to 10A. Many models offer the flexibility of modular construction, which allows you to change contacts, lamp voltages or button colors easily. - IDEC (JAPAN) !! -www.tjsolution.com

IDEC Switch-www.tjsolution.com <IDEC Switch> IDEC Emergency switch-www.tjsolution.com

IDEC Switch 8mm
A8 Series AP Series
IDEC Switch 22mm
LW Series , HW Series TW Series
IDEC Enclosures
FB Series
IDEC E-Stops (30mm)
XN E-Stops, TWTD Traditional & HN Unibody E-Stops
IDEC E-Stops Stations
FB Enclosures with HW E-Stops E-Stop Stations
IDEC 16mm
A6 Series, AP Series, L6 Series
IDEC 30mm
CS Series, ARN Series,TWTD Seris
IDEC E-Stops (16mm )
XA E-Stops, HA Positive Action E-Stops, AB6-V Unibody E-Stop
IDEC E-Stops (22mm )
XW E-Stops, HW Traditional & Unibody E-Stops, TW Traditional E-Stop
IDEC Flash mount switch
LW Silhouette Series


IDEC Tower Light and Display Light

IDEC knows that immediate indication of process status is a must in any application. IDEC provides many type of Tower Light (LT1 series, LT7 series), Display Lights, Panel mount Lighting and new IDEC LED Tower Light. Realize this goal with Signalight towers that offer 360 degree visibility from any direction or the SLC series, SLC 30 series, SLC 40 series panel mounted pilot light arrays which provide for a more detailed local indication. Both offer a variety of configurations, and either LED or incandescent lamp illumination.

IDEC TOWER LIGHT>Tower light 56mm_LT1-www.tjsolution.com IDEC LED Light> Tower light 70mm_LT7-www.tjsolution.com

IDEC part number:

LH1D-D2HQ4C10-RG ; IDEC IP67 surface mount LED spider light.
LH1D-D2HQ4C10-G ; IDEC IP67 surface mount LED spider light.
LH1D-D2HQ4C10-A ; IDEC IP67 surface mount LED spider light.
SLC30 series ; IDEC Panel mounting pilot light and pushbutton arrays based on a 30mm.
SLC40 series ; IDEC Panel mounting pilot light and pushbutton arrays based on a 40mm.
LT1 series ; IDEC Vertical mounting light towers up to 5 tiers.
LT7 series ; IDEC LED signal towers with a five-color modular-style assembly.


IDEC Relay and Sockets

IDEC designed with attention to every detail, IDEC relays are manufactured to ensure precision and quality. Correlating sockets include multiple features for ease-of-use and can be DIN rail, panel or PCB mounted. Each socket is designed to work with IDEC timers and relays, but will work equally well with any fitting component. IDEC have various of relay and socket.

IDEC relay_RJ series< IDEC Relays > IDEC relay sockets-www.tjsolution.com < IDEC Socket relays> IDEC relay_RR series

IDEC General Purpose Relays - RJ Series, RU Series, RR Series, RH Series, RY/RM Series.

IDEC PCB Relays - RJ PCB Series, RQ Series.

IDEC Solid State Relays - RSC Series, RSS Series.

IDEC Latching Relays - RR2KP Series, RH2L Series, RY2KS Series.


IDEC Door Interlock Switch

IDEC has safety door interlock switches to fill any of your machine safe guarding needs. Our full line of safety door interlocks include a wide range of switch types (solenoid lock, solenoid unlock or non-locking) and sizes to fill any application requirement. From rugged models rated up to 2,000N of retention force or a compact unit with 100N rating, all switches carry worldwide approvals and full line of accessories to make your new design and installation a quick and easy process.

IDEC INTERLOCK SWITCH IDEC_Door Interlock switch_HS1c IDEC_Door Interlock switch_HS1E-www.tjsolution.com IDEC_Door Interlock switch_HS5B


IDEC Non-Locking Safety Switches - HS6B Series, HS5B Series, HS2B Series, HS1B Series.

IDEC Locking Safety Switches (with Solenoids) - HS6E Series, HS5E Series, HS1E Series, HS1C Series.

IDEC Enabling Switch

IDEC enabling switch is a 3-position (OFF-ON-OFF) switch to allow a machine operation only when the switch is lightly pressed and held in the middle position (position 2). Because it disables machine operation when released (position 1) or further depressed (position 3) by a panicked operator, the safety of operators is ensured. Because operators use pendants in hazardous environments performing teaching, system changeover, and maintenance of robots, they must have protection against unpredictable motion of robots, and therefore teach pendants are equipped with 3-position enabling switches.

IDEC ENABLING SWITCH > IDEC Enabling switch-www.tjsolution.com

IDEC Enabling Switch model - HE1B Series, HE2B Series, HE3B Series, HE5B Series, HE1G Series




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