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HYDAC offers a comprehensive range of products in hydraulics, electronic control technology, solenoid technology and control sensors as well as fluid sensors/condition monitoring and fluid control products. Discover the world of HYDAC products here.









































































- HYDAC Cooling systems
- HYDAC Bell housings and accessories
- HYDAC Measurement, display and analysis tools
- HYDAC Control Technology
- HYDAC Solenoid technique
- HYDAC Fittings / ball valves
- HYDAC Mounting technology
- HYDAC Pipe connections
- HYDAC Couplings for fluids
- HYDAC Power units
- HYDAC High pressure hydraulics
- HYDAC Mobile Hydraulics
- HYDAC Mobile Valves
- HYDAC Remote Control
- HYDAC Cylinders
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Perfect component protection through perfect filtration.

Accumulators from HYDAC are in widespread use in most sectors of hydraulics. They are versatile, improve the comfort of your machine, protect your hydraulic system and are used to increase the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems amongst many other functions.

Valves monitor the pressure, flow rate or flow direction of hydraulic fluids. Thanks to a variant-rich programme, HYDAC valves offers almost all of the possibilities for structuring hydraulic systems – whether stationary or mobile. In this area, HYDAC offers cartridge, slip-in, plate mounted, subplates and inline connection valves up to nominal size 63. The performance ranges up to : Qmax = 6000 l/min Pmax = 630 bar

In many cases, manifold technology represents a good solution in the area of hydraulic energy control, because the outstanding advantages of hydraulics are combined in an ideal way with this technology. High performance density is realised through the use of cartridge valves, for which the otherwise customary valve housings and connection plates are omitted. The manifold block with its drilled connection lines replaces the valve housing; many couplings, pipelines and hoses are omitted; performance loss and cavitys are reduced; the installation efforts are definetely lowered. Thanks to the comprehensive shifting of the sealing points into the manifold and the accompanying considerable reduction of the sealing points towards the outside, the risk of leakage is also definetely diminished. The economic efficiency of this solution is thus almost inevitable, particularly when series requirements are given.

Efficient cooling through individual simulation.

More safety through cool system solutions.

Pumps transfer fluids... and keep things moving, even in your system. HYDAC offers a wide spectrum of pumps for a variety of hydraulic applications and systems. Our pumps are in action in many industries all over the world. HYDAC offers fixed displacement and variable displacement pumps in various designs and pressure ranges. The spectrum ranges from 0.25 cm³/rotation to 560 cm³/rotation and covers pressure ranges of up to 400 bar.

Traction and quietness through individual fabrication.

Recognise reserves securely. Use reserves securely.

Controlled safety through controlled diagnostics.

As a rule, better through concrete diagnostics.

Possibilities through customer-oriented simulation.


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