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Hokuyo sensor offers sensor hokuyo and automation products. - HOKUYO!!

Hokuyo Sensor

Hokuyo sensor: PFX (amplifier built-in, thinner type)

Hokuyo sensor_PFX-www.tjsolution.com

Thickness: 3.5mm
Requires little space
Easy installation


Hokuyo sensor: PVF(optical fiber sensor)

Hokuyo sensor_PVF_fiber sensor

Easy to confirm status with the big indicator lamp
Driver-free sensibility adjuster.



Hokuyo sensor: LEX(amplifier built-in, spot laser sensor)

Hokuyo sensor_LEX
Long distance and viewable spot laser sensor
3 types available for different applications -www.tjsolution.com


Hokuyo sensor: FG-31/51(U-shaped sensor)

Hokuyo sensor_U shape_FG-31/35-www.tjsolution.com


Hokuyo sensor scanner: URG-04LX(Classic-URG)

Hokuyo sensor scanner_URG

Distance Data Output Type for Robotics


Hokuyo sensor scanner: UBG-05LN(Distance measurement type- Laser obstacle detector)

Hokuyo AGV sensor scanner-www.tjsolution.com

Field Setting Type for AGV control
Accuracy is greatly improved compare with PBS series.

Hokuyo: KAD-300(distance measurement type close crane warning)

Hokuyo Distance sensor-www.tjsolution.com
Distance measurement sensor, working with its reflector
KAD-300 is the longer distance version of KAD-200

Hokuyo sensor: PEX (compact, amplifier built-in)

Hokuyo sensor_PEX-www.tjsolution.com

Complete functions
Strong with various environments


Hokuyo sensor: LDA (digital laser sensor with separate amplifier)

Hokuyo sensor_digital fiber sensor_LDA-www.tjsolution.com



Hokuyo sensor: PLX(free power source photo sensor)

Hokuyo sensor_PLX
Work with DC or AC power supply.


Hokuyo sensor: PD4(distance-measuring reflection photo sensor)

Hokuyo sensor_PD4-www.tjsolution.com


Hokuyo sensor scanner: UBG-04LX-F01(Rapid-URG)

Hokuyo sensor scanner_UBG

Distance Data Output Type for Robotics


Hokuyo sensor scanner:PBS(Distance measurement type obstacle detector)

Hokuyo AGV sensor scanner

Field Setting Type for AGV control
Infra-red LED light source, distance measurement type obstacle detector.

Hokuyo sensor : LXA(high accuracy laser displacement sensor)

Hokuyo displacement sensor
High accuracy measurement

Hokuyo sensor : Data Transmission Devices

Hokuyo sensor model: DMS(compact model)


Parallel type:DMS(compact model)

Hokuyo mode: DMH-GB/HB(high speed type)


Parallel type:DMH-GB/DMH-HB(high speed type)


Hokuyo mode: DMH-GC/HC(16 bit, high speed type)


Parallel type:DMH-GC/DMH-HC(16 bit, high speed type)-www.tjsolution.com


Hokuyo mode: DMG(with data logging function)



Parallel type:DMH-GC/DMH-HC(16 bit, high speed type)-www.tjsolution.com


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