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CMGZ309 Digital Tension Controller

The CMGZ309 tension controller responds to a broad range of missions. Its field of application is in production lines where moving web products are manufactured, processed or finished. 
All internal parameters are also accessible through a web browser. The CMGZ309 is a versatile and economic PID tension controller that solves even your most demanding control tasks.
Features Advantages
Plug & play or utilize Ethernet Easy to operate and provides flexible set-up.
Configurable for brake and drive applications, for unwind and rewind Easy to operate and provides flexible set-up.
3 housing / mounting options DIN rail, wall mount (IP65), and panel mount
All-in-One version CMGZ309.W.B.ACV With built-in break amplifier 24V or 90V and supply unit


RTM X2 - The Cost-Effective System for Wireless Tension Control (2 channels)

The FMS RTM X2 transmits wire tension data from the inner to the static machine part of rotating machinery. The tension of the strands can so be individually measured, controlled and monitored. The system is comprised of force sensors, an EMGZ482-Transmiter and EMGZ482-Receiver. RTM X2 is primarily suitable for Bow Stranders, Bunchers and Twisters.
Features Advantages
Wireless transmission up to 30 m Eliminate slip rings with all its disadvantages
Force limits / wire break detection capability Your production and quality parameters are under control – the save way
Force limits / wire break detection capability Tension control via machine PLC possible
Powerful analysis program for tension data Storage of production and quality protocols
Powerful analysis program for tension data No major machine modifications required


RTM X42 - System Overview Wireless Tension Monitoring

The RTM X42 utilizes force sensors to measure the tension of individual wires or strands, and transmits this data wirelessly from the rotating to the static part of the machine. The new RTM X42 series is available in 5 variants for pure monitoring solutions or for tension control via a PLC. A sophisticated range of interface options allows a quickly and efficiently integrations into the existing communication and control infrastructure of the stranding machine. RTM X42 is primarily suitable for Cage or Tubular Stranders.
Features Advantages
Modular, expandable system Allows for incremental upgrades to 42 channels
Standardised interfaces for flexible application Solutions for pure tension monitoring or tension control via PLC
Powerful software for tension monitoring, data logging and data analysis Higher quality standards thanks quality reports and analysis capabilities
Wireless transmission in the 2.4 GHz band Secure data link up to 30m, no slip rings necessary


RTM 01/02 Radio Transmitted Tension Monitoring System (multi-channel)

The FMS radio transmitted tension monitoring system (RTM) is designed to monitor tension of individual wires or cables in rotating applications. This system sends all the collected data via radio transmission. The RTM system is a complete tension monitoring package designed to easily retrofit onto older machines. It is ideal for upgrading existing machinery to current tension measuring technology.
Features Advantages
Bluetooth® transmission in 2.4GHz band Very high quality data transmission
Battery powered transmitter No slip rings required
Powerful control and processing unit Monitor, output, and save tension process data
Packaged to easily install and set-up Requires no major machine modifications








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