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"Balluff" sensor offers various of sensor for factory automation or machine automation such as balluff inductive proximity sensor, balluff photo sensor, balluff distance sensor, balluff capacitive sensor, magnetic field sensor, balluff Machine vision, Industrail RFID, balluff robot zone limit system.-www.tjsolution.com

Balluff Products Overview :

Inductive Proximity Sensors

BALLUFF_Inductive Proximity Sensor-www.tjsolution.com

Metallic targets non-contact detection at shorter ranges

Inductive Distance Sensors

BALLUFF_Inductive Distance Sensor-www.tjsolution.com

Analog distance measurement for short range metal targets.


Photoelectric Sensors

BALLUFF_Photoelectric Sensor-www.tjsolution.com

Multiple target materials non-contact detection at longer ranges


Photoelectric Distance Sensors

BALLUFF_Photoelectric Distance Sensor-www.tjsolution.com

Analog output for long and short ranges, any target material.


Capacitive Sensors

BALLUFF_Capacitive Sensor

Sense bulk materials and liquids through container walls


Magnetic Field Sensors

BALLUFF_Magnetic Field Sensor

For detection of pneumatic cylinder piston position

Linear Position Transducers

BALLUFF_Linear Position Transducer-www.tjsolution.com

Rugged, absolute position feedback. Stroke lengths from 2" to 200".

Machine Vision - Sharpshooter™

BALLUFF_Machine Vision - Sharpshooter™

High resolution image recognition


Sensors for Cylinders

BALLUFF_Sensors for Cylinder

Monitor piston position on pneumatic cylinders


Remote Systems

BALLUFF_Remote System-www.tjsolution.com

Remote systems allow the transfer of signals to a controller through an air gap.


Passive Connectivity

BALLUFF_Passive Connectivity




DeviceNet Connectivity

BALLUFF_DeviceNet Connectivity


Magnetic Linear/Rotary Encoder System

BALLUFF_Magnetic Linear/Rotary Encoder System

Direct measurement of a load’s linear or rotary position


Capacitive Sensors

BALLUFF_Capacitive Sensors-www.tjsolution.com

Sense bulk materials and liquids through container walls


Industrial RFID


Parts, products, process tracking systems by application


Robot Zone Limit Systems

BALLUFF_Robot Zone Limit Systems

Safety, robot position monitoring.


Magneto-Inductive Linear Position Sensors

BALLUFF_Magneto-Inductive Linear Position Sensors-www.tjsolution.com

Absolute analog output for short and medium stroke lengths.


Mechanical Limit Switches

BALLUFF_Mechanical Limit Switches-www.tjsolution.com

For cam-actuated synchronization of machine or robot motion.



"Balluff" sensor is high quality sensor,our company are Thailand importer from Balluf USA.You ensure that will get the lowest price for every model of Balluf sensors !!!




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