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ASTON is a Taiwan based manufacturer of air shaft parts for paper manfcatuering, package rubber industires and other web-converting appliaction. Established by a group of professionals experienced in mechanical air shaft parts. Rotation design can fit to leaf type, lug type, multi bladder type and all other types of air shafts. We offer a complete repair and refurbishment facility for all makes of airshaft. ASTON always aims to provide a superior air shafts product at a reasonable price with excellence service to our customers while maintaining the highest professional standards.








































































For information about Aston Air Shaft, Aston Differential Shaft & Friction Ring, Aston Core Chuck & Adapter, Aston Safety Chuck , Aston Powder Brake & Clutch, Aston Pneumatic Brake & Clutch, Aston Air / Manual Disc Brake, Aston PCCU, Aston Pneumatic / Hydraulic Brake, Aston Tension Controller. Please contact our Aston Tech engineer or visit Aston Tech.




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