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AMERICAN DENKI - Electrical Plug & connector

AMERICAN DENKI provides Electrical PLUG, RECEPTACEL, CONNECTOR BODY, Plate for Receptacle and Water-Proof Plug & Receptacle with NEMA Standard Plug for high performance electrical connection is need together with validity of connector shape suitable for your application. Electrical Current : 15A 20A 30A 50A 60A and Pole Arrangement : 2P, 3P - AMERICAN DENKI (JAPAN)

AMERICAN DENKI_PLUG series- www.tjsolution.com AMERICAN DENKI_Flanged Inlet Series AMERICAN DENKI_Connector body series
AMERICAN DENKI_NEMA Standard Wiring device AMERICAN DENKI_Receptacle series AMERICAN DENKI_Wiring Device for WaterProof- www.tjsolution.com

American Denki ; main products are locking devices.
The feature is the circle-like blade. (If you put the plug in the receptacle and turn to the right, it is locked and it becomes impossible to pull out.)We have been manufacturing and selling in Japan as a pioneer for about 80 years.

American Denki is dealing with about thirty or more kinds of rated products corresponding to each standard of 2 - 4 poles or 15A-100A.We are the leading company of this field in Japan.- www.tjsolution.com

Main users are the companies that desire safe electric supply,plug and connector such as
manufacture of Automobile, Paper, Shipbuilding, precision instruments (Watch, etc.,) / semiconductor fabrication machines / machine tools / the whole electric appliance / financial institution (Banks, Securities and Insurance companies, etc.,) / system network and information industry / various IT industries.They mainly use for industrial construction.

American Denki continue being engaged in new product development from now on, centering on wiring devices used for industrial construction, Computer (IT) and OA.- www.tjsolution.com

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Locking Devices

Straight Blade Devices

Multi Taps for Wide Use

Waterproof Devices

NEMA Standard (USA Standard) Devices

Wall Plates

Nylon Cord Bushings

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"DDK Connector" , "Nanaboshi connector" , "Daiwa Dengyo" safety plug and "MIYAMA" also avaliable !! Please contact sale engineer.



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